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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Set The World On Fire - Symphony X

¡¡¡Otro videito del album "Paradise Lost"!!!

Serpent's Kiss - Symphony X

El primer video que saca Symphony X de su último album "Paradise Lost"

Lucifer's Heritage - Symphonies of Doom (1985)

Un regalito para Laura que es fan #1 de Blind Guardian. Este demo de cuando la banda se llamaba Lucifer's Heritage en 1985.

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Flametal - The Elder

At last! (para Adriana) The debut album of Flametal, The Elder. For the first time we can hear a fusion of metal music and the beautiful flamenco. Here is part of the description that you can read complete from the official webpage of the band:

"FLAMETAL are pioneering a new genre, the first of its kind, the unholy union of harmony and rhythm. The music is based off flamenco rhythms and tonalities, super-heated with blinding shred metal from a band of professional and virtuosic, musical madmen! FLAMETAL is breaking away from the usual. Instead, Flametal's performances are unlike any other, with Flamenco guitar and sometimes Flamenco dancing, delivering an amazing spectacle of Metal, Dance, Art and Horror, sure to leave you breathless. You will see and hear ferocious musicianship, swirling flamenco dance, palmas and footwork, as well as fleet-fingered dual guitar-shredding delivering spine-crushing, metal brutality!"


1. The Elder (buleria)
2. Silencio/Escobilla
3. Red Cobblestone
4. Bruja Tortura (buleria)
5. P'Alla Al Infierno Vas (tango)
6.The Summoning (buleria)
7. Cuatro Caballeros (sevillanas)
8. Journey Into Fear (buleria)

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Anda Jaleo - Flametal

Otro videito de Flametal... Pero este tema se encuentra como bonus track en la version Japonesa del album "The Elder" (2007)